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Soundtrack credits |

In 1991, the following musicians were commissioned to create an original score for the movie "Grass".

Amir Vahab (Amir Ali Vahabzadegan): Vocals (Persian & Turkish), Tanbour (ancient sacred lute), Baglama Saz (Turkish lute), Daf (Persian frame drum), Dohol (barrel drum) & Rebab (Arabic fiddle)

Kavous Shirzadian: Tar (Iranian national instrument), Oud/Barbat (short neck lute) and Tombak (goblet drum)

Gholam Hosain Janati-Ataie: Santoor (Persian hammered dulcimer) and Dayereh (small frame drum)

Background |

A few years after the end of World War I, Americans Merian C. Cooper (an Air Force pilot), Ernest B. Schoedsack (an Army cameraman) and Marguerite Harrison (a newspaper reporter) came together in the Middle East to film the migration of the Bakhtiari, a nomadic Persian tribe of more than 50,000 people and half a million animals who twice yearly surmounted seemingly impossible obstacles to take their herds to pasture.

What emerged in 1925 was one of the first ever documentaries (a silent movie), "Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life." The filmmakers captured unforgettable images of courage and determination as the Bakhtiari -- an endless river of men, women and children, with feet bare or wrapped in rags -- braved fierce conditions, crossing the raging, icy waters of the half-mile-wide Karun River and winding up the sheer sides of the 15,000-foot-high Zardeh Kuh mountain.

Considered an extraordinary documentary by film historians, "Grass" remained a silent experience until 1991 when Milestone Films produced a new enhanced version featuring a magnificent soundtrack composed and performed by three accomplished Iranian musicians: Amir Vahab (Amir Ali Vahabzadegan), Kavous Shirzadian and Gholam Hosain Janati-Ataie.

A comprehensive article written by Babak Elahi in full.

Excerpts from the article by Babak Elahi on the movie "Grass" focused on the music.

The movie "Grass" can be seen AT THIS LINK.

The soundtrack of the movie "Grass" can be heard HERE.

In 1997, the film was selected for the Library of Congress National Film Registry.

For more information, please email: amirvahab@gmail.com

In 1997, the film was selected for the Library of Congress National Film Registry.

For more information, please email: amirvahab@gmail.com


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